Wasp Reporting Tool

This page is for residents of the City of Cape Town to report sightings of invasive European paper wasp and invasive German wasps.

The wasp removal team works weekdays from 08h00 to 15h30.

Report a Wasp Sighting

Before you embark on filling in the Invasive Wasp Reporting Form... take a good look at these FOUR species.  Make absolutely sure that you have seen a listed invasive species... and it is NOT an indigenous wasp or Cape honeybee.

Invasive European Paper Wasp
Indigenous South African Paper Wasp
Invasive German Wasp
Indigenous Cape Honeybee

Images courtesy:  Simon van Noort, Richard Bartz, Charles Griffiths & John Donaldson.

Distribution Map

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Which of FOUR species have you seen?

Take a look at the four species (see left) in boxes.

When you report your sighting – via the reporting form - you must be quite sure that you have seen an invasive wasp and not indigenous wasp or indigenous Cape honeybee species on your property.